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Preparing for your new hot tub

Building work required prior to the delivery of your hot tub:

  • Base
    You will need to arrange a four inch concrete base or concrete slabs, level and flat, the same size as the hot tub. Your tub cannot be placed on grass as it will sink and may damage the lawn and/or tub.
  • Electrical Supply
    You will need to install an electrical supply. This needs to be 6mm 3 core armoured cable with a 5-6 metre tail which terminates at the side of the spa. It needs to have a 32 amp c rated trip m.c.b . and a 30m R.C.D. We recommend that all electrical work is carried out by a qualified electrician. If the spa is to be sited indoors bathroom regulations apply.
  • Water
    There must be a water supply within reach of the hot tub - usually this is a hosepipe, which can also be used for emptying the hot tub, by way of a connection situated inside the cabinet.
  • Delivery
    The hot tub will be delivered either on a trailer or a flat bed vehicle measuring up to 7m long, 2.1m wide and 2.4m high. Please ensure there is adequate access for such a vehicle to reach your driveway/house.

    The hot tub may be sited using a trolley which will be mounted sideways on to the trolley, so the depth of the tub will become the width. The trolley is not suitable for manoeuvring the Grand Canyon or Spa FM - we will discuss individually delivery of these models. If you have ordered a hot tub other than the Grand Canyon or Spa FM, but feel the trolley will not be adequate for siting your tub, then please ring us so that we can discuss your individual requirements.
  • Access
    Please make a careful note of the tub measurements and check that we will have enough room to site the hot tub. You should also add a small amount for the trolley and packaging.

Please take the following into consideration:-

  1. Are doors, gates or alleyways large enough?
  2. Does the spa have to be taken over lawn or gravel?
    If so, make sure boards are put down for protection & to assist delivery if necessary.
  3. Take into account obstructions such as drainpipes, shelves, guttering, taps etc?
    Make sure these are removed prior to delivery if necessary.
  4. Is there enough room for turning the tub in tight corners to get it into position?
  5. Is there enough room to access the hot tub once it is in position?
    We recommend that there is access to all four sides, however, it is particularly important that there is access to the side containing the control pad.
  6. Are there any steep slopes or walls?
    We can manage small slopes or walls if extra labour is on site to help take the hot tub off the trolley. However, for larger walls and steep slopes a crane may be necessary.
  • Manpower
    We will supply one or two men to commission your hot tub. If you think the hottub will have to be removed from the trolley for any reason (eg: to overcome a step or go through a narrow alleyway), then you must arrange extra labour to assist.

    Oslo, Geneva, Madrid or Lyon 2 extra men
    Milano 4 extra men
    Grand Canyon & Spa FM models will require special delivery arrangements anyway.
  • Chemicals
    We insist on the purchase of a chemical pack to commission a hot tub. This is for safety reasons, so we can dose the tub immediately and demonstrate usage for the future. If you do not wish to purchase the chemicals with your hottub, then please ensure you have a suitable supply for use during the commissioning.
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