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Myths & facts of owning a hot tub

People have many misconceptions about hot tubs, but please read on to find out what owning a hottub is really like and what the benefits are:

Whether you settle down alone for a serious massage on an aching back, neck or legs at the end of a hard days work, for a warm wake up dip on a Sunday morning with your family, or even a late night relaxation after dinner with your friends, you will not fail to enjoy each plunge into your own pleasure pool.

Until you have experienced the pleasure of relaxing, drink in hand, in the warm massaging waters of your hot tub, with frost on the ground and the stars twinkling above your head, it is hard to imagine the sense of well being and contentment that your tub will bring.

Your hot tub will bring pleasure to all your family for many years and we have yet to meet anyone who has been disappointed!

Common Misconceptions About Hot Tubs

  • They are very expensive to buy
    NO – Please send for our latest prices by using the contact form. We hope that you will find our prices competitive and we are sure that you will agree that for the amount of pleasure your hot tub will bring you, the initial purchase price is extremely reasonable.
  • It would only get used in the summer
    NO – You will find that you will use your hot tub all the year round, whether it is placed indoors or outdoors.

    You are in control of the temperature of your tub, which you can operate at temperatures of up to 40°C, the same temperature as a hot bath.

    We can assure you that there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting in a steaming, bubbling tub whilst the snow is on the ground or rain is pattering down.

    In the Summer you may wish to reduce the temperature of your hottub a little and sit in the cool jets of massaging water whilst enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • They are very expensive to run
    NO – Although it is hard to be precise about the cost of running your hot tub, as this is dependant upon the size of your model, but experience suggests that the average amount would be approximately 50p - £1.00 per day, depending on the desired water temperature and how frequently you use it.
  • They are only for adults
    NO – hot tubbing is for everyone, young or old. (Although clearly the little ones need to be supervised at all times).

    They hold a special pleasure for those who have suffered a sport injury or strains, or who suffer from stress or tension.

    Each tub comes with a varying number and type of massage and/or therapeutic air jets. Just decide what is right for you and your family.

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