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Hot tub accessories

We stock a range of accessories to help you get the most out of your hot tub:

  • Rigid Insulation Cover - POA
    These durable, locking covers, are a must with every spa. They are supplied as standard. They retain the heat, so when you pull back the cover, the temperature hasn't dropped, and you can still get into a hot spa. They include a safety locking feature.
  • Cover Lifter - £199
    To make the cover super light you can fit a Cover Caddy, a mechanism which helps to lift the cover and holds it in position at the side of the spa.
  • Chemicals
    Small amounts of chemicals are required to allow your spa to be clean & fresh all the time. Water should be tested every other day for chlorine and P.H. levels, and the water in your spa needs to be changed every 4-6 weeks - More
  • Steps - £175
    These purpose-built, all weather steps are ideal for use with portable spas. The two tread, redwood steps match the outer walls of the portable spa range, and so blending neatly in with the spa.
  • Aromatherapy Refills - £6
    Three fragrances are available for the essence infuser:
    Ocean Breeze
    Red Apple
  • Spa Wand - £95
    This simple effective hand-cleaning device is perfect for those quick touch-up cleanings. Just a few easy hand-powered strokes and debris is sucked into a built-in filter basket for easy removal. No hoses, no electricity. Comes complete with interchangeable nozzels especially designed for floors and steps.
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